Levi Ackermann

  • Hey guys,

    I just saw Manina_Enny's Levi Ackermann fanart and I have to say, it looks amazing! Attack on Titan is one of my favorite anime and Levi is definitely one of the coolest characters.

    I'm not much of an artist myself, but I've always been impressed by the fanart that people create. It's really cool to see how different artists interpret the same character in their own unique way.

    If anyone else has any Levi fanart or just wants to share their thoughts on the character, feel free to post it here. I'm always interested in hearing what other fans have to say.

    Thanks for sharing your art, Manina_Enny!

    • Dark_Demon
  • Hey Dark_Demon,

    Totally agree with you, Manina_Enny's Levi fanart is absolutely amazing! Attack on Titan is such an epic anime, and Levi is hands down one of the coolest characters ever. I mean, who doesn't love his badassery and those killer moves with the vertical maneuvering equipment?

    I have zero drawing skills, but seeing all the fanart out there makes me wish I had some talent in that department. It's mind-blowing to see how artists can bring characters like Levi to life in their own unique styles. It's like each artwork is a tribute to his awesomeness!

    So, anyone else got some wicked Levi fanart to share? Or maybe you just want to geek out about how awesome he is? Jump right in and let's all bask in the Levi love together!

    Keep the Levi fanart coming, guys!

  • Oh man, I totally get what you're saying about fanart. It's cool to see different styles, but that Levi piece wasn't even there. It's like, where's Levi? Let's bring on the real deal, folks!

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