RULES - TeamSpeak

Every user entering our TeamSpeak3 / Discord Server automatically accepts the following rules!

1.- The server team does not have to justify itself to the users in any case, but the respectful handling is very important to us.

2.- Attacks against the server, as well as the use of multiple identities, proxy servers, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and IP changers is prohibited in any form.

3.- Harassment of any kind is prohibited. These include, for example, noise, echoes, spam, voice distortion, soundboard, phone prank or the like to use.

4.- All racist, right-wing extremist, sexist and pornographic statements (as well as names, channel names, links, avatars and messages) are prohibited in any way and will not be tolerated in any way.

5.- Using nametags as a non-team member before the name (eg: [Moderator], [Supporter] or [Admin]) is strictly prohibited, meaning ranks and functions that are in brackets, eg "[Admin]" ,

6.- Advertising in the form of links or IP addresses, be it for a Youtube channel / video, a TeamSpeak server or similar are prohibited without express request. This also applies to any other advertising!

7.- Insults or discrimination in any way is not allowed. It does not matter if it was verbal, written or illustrated.

8.- The request for rights such as e.g. 'Supporter', 'VIP' or 'Admin' is prohibited.

9.- The faking of well-known persons and / or enterprises is strictly forbidden for legal reasons.

10.- It is strictly forbidden to create images and sound recordings of users in a channel if they do not agree. This constitutes a criminal offense (violation of the confidentiality of the word) and can be prosecuted.

11.- The automated creation of channels through scripts, bots or other is prohibited.

12.- The exploitation of Ts³ bugs is strictly prohibited.

13.- The name must not be hidden by special characters.

14.- The name chosen on the TeamSpeak server should be your own in-game or real-life name.

15.- If users say "Please leave the channel!", Then it's the eighth, with the exception of team members.

16.- Anyone who calls unnecessarily on this server is kicked without warning and invariably from Teamspeak. In particularly serious cases, the user is banned.

17.- MusicBots must be registered here.

18.- You are not allowed to mute team members. Team members are not allowed to each other.This rule is valid in every round.