Our new Minecraft Server - online now!

Our new Minecraft server!

Dear users,

We as TheArtofWar.EU team have been working on a small Minecraft server for our community during the last months! Today we want to celebrate the launch of this server!

What can you play on our server?

IP: mc.theartofwar.eu [v1.19]

- Survival (SMP) - simple survival in the Minecraft world

- SkyPvP/SkyBlock - for PvP and PvE lovers

- Partygames - for the boredom in between

Other game modes are also planned in the near future. Therefore, we need support in our team! Are you interested in helping us with the Minecraft project?

Just visit our website and have a look at our jobs:

Apply - TheArtofWarEU

We would be very happy if you like our server and play on it regularly!

Have fun!

Your TheArtofWar.EU Team

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  • Hey,

    In terms of developer lineup, how does it stack up, and is a mode expansion even viable?

    Shouldn't the main focus be much more on promoting and enhancing the initial ideas?

    Few large servers have relied on a diversified portfolio of game modes from the onset.

    The appeal of any server is interactivity; unfortunately, the more modes there are,

    the fewer people are socializing and, the less incentive there is to participate in the project.

    Nevertheless, the architecture and map design looks mind-boggling – I am excited about the SMP.

    Have a nice day!


    • its not so many "minigames" at the start only SMP and SkyPVP/SkyBlock are the biger one

    • I am aware of that, however, one of them must be the server's hallmark; this is the epitome of methodical marketing momentum. Decisiveness is the recipe for success – not a little bit of everything. A large server is not launched by attempting to emulate other large servers.

    • Fireball

      We know that too. But we take a different strategy then. Nowerdays, it is not that easy to get free help from people as well. So, we just went to get a nother path than other servers. But be prepared: we already have our idea which will hopefully will make our server unique ^^

    • Thank you for your insightful reply! Providing participation to the players might be a wise approach, then you wouldn't be on your own either. The SMP needs to excel from ordinary multiplayer servers. The introduction of local, global, and private chats would be interesting. In addition, there are clans and leveling systems like mcMMO. An invitation system would also be feasible, offering in-game currency for acquired players, and paying per playtime of the acquired player, to avoid exploits. In-game mail (text/with items) would be a great add-on. The second issue is, what can I purchase with the in-game currency? Plots at the spawn, store chests at the spawn, collector items in a store provided by the team? All this is certainly possible.

    • Fireball
      If you are very interested in our strategy or you want to have other information about our project, you can also join our TeamSpeak and we can have a conversation. Maybe we can answer your upcoming questions

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